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Contact Us if you have a headlamp or flashlight to review, and we may agree to look at it. You will need to send it to us at your cost. We have a good set of headlamps we are proud of recommending, and we don’t want to buy any headlamps to try them out. If you believe your headlamp could fill a niche on our site (low-cost, best for some area, or a high-cost headlamp) – let us know. We are interested in adding headlamps and possibly flashlights to our site in 2022.

Note, if we receive your headlamp unit(s) and don’t review them favorably we will not add them to our website.

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  1. I work at night using a power washer so I deal with a lot of fog…what light do you suggest would be good for those working conditions…

  2. Hi Art, Great question. I don’t have a great answer, but this is what I do in fog in the forest. I take the headlamp off my head and hold it as a flashlight. The lower angle (away from the eyes), helps a lot. As does turning it to low beam. If you’re working on something and have something metal around you, you can use the OLight H2R Nova Cool magnetic bottom to attach to it and hold the light in the perfect spot. When fog, take off the head and find a different angle for the light. When on your head it just reflects right back strongly into your eyes and gives the worst experience. Best of luck!

  3. Sounds like the bulb. Where did you get the batteries? Some lithium ion online at Ebay and other places are fake from China and don’t work. Were they from there?

  4. I work in the AG industry and am constantly having to look down into pitch black grain bins. Some of these bins can be VERY dusty and anywhere from 150′ deep to 132′ in diameter or both. My current headlamp (some no-name hunk of garbage) is far too focused for what I need. I end up with about a postage stamp of visibility when I need FAR FAR more. I have considered the XPH34R from Coast Portland and would love to know your thoughts on this headlamp or another headlamp you would suggest. I absolutely need one that is designed to fit on hardhats.

  5. Hi Jared,

    The first headlamp that comes to mind is the Petzl Ultra Rush. It has a center focused beam that spreads out nicely and probably would match what you need it for. They have been discontinued, but you can still find them. The batteries are great, ours going on 3 yrs. and still working at 80% of battery length. Another option is the new Petzl DUO S, but it’s expensive.

    I’m not familiar with that COAST headlamp. I’ll look it up.

    2000+ lumens for $99? Sounds like a great deal. Fits helmets too. I’d get that.

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