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12 thoughts on “10 Best Headlamps of 2022”

  1. Hello
    Learned a lot about headlamps but didn’t find any recommendations specific to indoor reading .
    Many hotels have low wattage Especially Europe & I like to read a bit before sleep.
    I have a 16 day trip through South Africa which includes 3 nights on a train & I ‘invision’ lousy lighting.
    I appreciate any recommendations.

  2. Hi,

    I’m sure I want Petzl but am unsure which model. I bicycle and want the ability to spotlight long distances as bright as possible with battery than can last 2-3 hours. Reliability being top priority followed by, beam strength, battery life, ease of use, weight and price.
    Your site is very informative but I’m unable to discern which is best for what I need.

    Thank you

  3. Hi there,

    Good question. I have a question for you though, what do you mean spotlight long distances as bright as possible? Do you really mean spotlight – like a tightly focused beam maybe a few feet wide at 50 meters? If so, there is no Petzl that offers a bright like that AND enough flood to see around you as you ride. Hope that helps a bit. Cheers!

  4. I’m surprised that climbing and mountaineering are not listed among the uses for any of the head lamps. I’m looking to replace a Black Diamond Storm that left me in the dark when the batteries corroded.

  5. I appreciate this article but the wall I’m coming up against is that one of the most important factors in a headlamp to me is the color temperature of the lamp which I prefer something closer to an old school tungsten beam in color temp than to a cool white. I know the conventional wisdom is cool white penetrates better but I have never found that to be true…just seems sort of sickly and lifeless. It think I’m over sensitive to color temperature because it also affects my mood.

  6. HS2 – you can replace the battery with BPH17S2.
    You can connect any powerbank to the headlamp directly or charge the battery while using the headlamp which is quite a unique feature and welcome in cold weather when you put the powerbank under your coat.

  7. Yes, that is amazing for the recharging while using it capability! BUT the problem is, the light isn’t even available on Amazon. Seems like they made it for a short time and it disappeared. That is the problem with most of OLight headlamps. 🙁

  8. I have found for durability the most important feature is Not having a elastic strap, these are almost always the first point of failure

  9. I’m a marine engineer and want a durable, long-lasting, strong Beam headlamp which I can fit on my hard hat/helmet.

    1. Olight H2R Nova -$100

    2. Fenix HL60R- $70.

    Please help me choose one.

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