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Best Headlamp for Reading?

While many people are very concerned about whether the headlamp they buy can handle their activities like running, cycling, camping, fishing, and skiing, some people want to know what the best headlamp is for reading books!

Lots of people love sitting in their tent, or at the campfire and reading a paperback book. The proper headlamp makes that possible, and enjoyable!

Our research shows that there are a couple of great outdoor headlamps for reading books in a tent or anywhere outside. Have a look at the headlamps we chose below and see which one is right for you!

Best Outdoor Headlamps for Reading Books

Judging Criteria Used

  1. Lightweight – No sense wearing a 1-pound headlamp on your head just to read a book! We choose only very lightweight headlamps.
  2. Steady Beam Strength in Lumens – Petzl has some headlamps with Reactive Lighting Technology that adjust to the distance your subject is from the headlamp. This results in constant adjustments as you turn a page or change hands holding the book.
  3. Fine Brightness Balance Adjustment – Ideally we’d find a headlamp that allowed dimming at many different brightness levels so the person reading the book can adjust the light perfectly.
  4. Flood Beam – A spot beam is not appropriate for reading books, a nice even beam shape – flood beam – is ideal.

Best Reading Headlamp #1 – Petzl ACTIK

Petzl ACTIK headlamp in green, excellet for reading books in the dark.
The ACTIK headlamp by Petzl has 350 lumens brightness and comes in black, blue, and green.
  • Up to 350 lumens brightness.
  • Ultra-lightweight ( 86 grams / 3 ounces).
  • 6 lumens for 120 hours or 100 lumens for 12 hours. Low light flood setting ideal for reading by headlamp light.
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#2 – Petzl ACTIK CORE

Petzl Actik Core 450 headlamp is a great headlamp to read in the dark with.
This is the new ACTIK CORE 450 lumens headlamp. It comes in black and red.
  • Up to 450 lumens brightness.
  • Ultra-lightweight at just 75 grams / 2.6 ounces.
  • Low light flood setting of 6 lumens for 130 hours or 100 lumens for 8 hours, both great for reading a book.
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#3 Petzl NAO+ Plus

Petzl NAO+ Plus headlamp ideal for running, camping, and reading books.
More expensive and great for ultra-running and other fast activities outdoors, the Petzl NAO+ Plus is also great for reading books.
  • Up to 750 lumens brightness.
  • Ultra-lightweight at just 185 grams (6.5 ounces).
  • Low light flood setting of 120 lumens for 8 hours.
  • Programmable! You can choose any level of brightness using the MyPetzl app for your mobile phone. Custom lighting level – whatever you need!

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