2020 Headlamp Reviews - 7,966 Headlamps Sold.

Best Headlamps for Camping, Caving, Fishing, Hunting, Running

Choose a Headlamp from below to see the Best Headlamps for each type of activity:

  • Camping – general headlamps to use while camping in a tent in the wilderness or campground.
  • Caving – when you need a headlamp you can absolutely rely on!
  • Fishing – perfect headlamps to give you enough light to tie fishing line and find your way to the lake or stream.
  • Herping – the best headlamps we’ve found for looking for reptiles, amphibians, and other wildlife at night.
  • Hunting – hunters will need a strong spotlight beam to see potential game or danger.
  • Running – short or long runs, even ultra running headlamps are covered here.
  • Work – if you work in an explosive environment, or a non-explosive environment and you need the best headlamp you can buy… one you can rely on.
  • Kids! We love the Petzl Actik Core 350 for kids. It’s safe and easy to operate. Still a little bright for the eyes, so let them know!

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