Choose the Best Headlamp for Your Activity

Here is where we list the best headlamps for all kinds of activities. Of course our judgement is subjective, but we really believe we nailed this! We listed higher priced reliable options and lower-priced headlamps when possible.

Biking (road)

  • Fenix FX-HL60R – nice wide floodlight beam. If going fast, turbo mode will be necessary. If slowly, the second highest setting will be OK.
  • Petzl Ultra Rush – narrower beam, and possibly too narrow if going

Biking (trails)

  • Fenix FX-HL60R – on high or 2nd brightest mode.
  • Petzl Ultra Rush – if the trails are fairly straight, better for this light. It is not a very wide beam.



Hiking / Trekking

Running (street)

  • Petzl Myo

Running (trail)


  • Fenix FX-HL60R – on turbo mode, but very short duration battery life!
  • Petzl Ultra Rush


  • Just about anything you can afford!

Working on Automobile

  • Fenix FX-HL60R – nice even beam, slight focus on center.
  • Petzl Myo – nice even beam when diffuser is up.
  • Petzl Nao or Nao+ – nice even beam, slight focus on center.

Working on Oil Rig

Working in Construction building homes or other buildings