Choose the Best Headlamp for 15 Top Activities

[Page updated: 1 June 2022]

Here is where we list the best headlamps for all kinds of activities. Of course, our judgment is subjective, but we really believe we nailed this! We listed higher-priced reliable options and lower-priced headlamps when possible.

Top Headlamps For 15 Activities

Biking (road)

  • Fenix FX-HL60R – nice wide floodlight beam. If going fast, turbo mode will be necessary. If slowly, the second highest setting will be OK.
  • Petzl SWIFT RL PRO
  • Petzl ULTRA RUSH – narrower beam, and possibly too narrow if going fast. Hard to find one! Discontinued.

Biking (trails)

Bugging (looking for bugs!)




Herping – Looking for Snakes

Hiking | Trekking

Running (street)

Running (trail)



  • Just about any headlamp you can afford!

Working on Automobile

  • Fenix FX-HL60R – nice even beam, slight focus on the center.
  • Petzl MYO – nice even beam when the diffuser is up.
  • Petzl NAO or NAO+ – nice even beam, slight focus on the center.

Working on Oil Rig

Working in Construction building homes or other buildings


Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp - Perfect? Not perfect, no, but at the moment it is the best headlamp I can find for any amount of money.
Petzl Ultra Rush – my favorite.

If you’re looking for the best headlamp, for everything, and money is no consideration – you want the best out there, look no further than the Petzl ULTRA RUSH 760 Lumens Headlamp. It has the best of everything – brightness, durability, battery life, waterproof factor, comfort, options (can get Petzl Accu 4 Battery for Ultra Rush Headlamp on the waist with extra long cable for long-distance ultra-running or hiking).

It is very important to buy quality headlamps because 98% of what you’ll find online is pure junk. The Petzl brand is known worldwide, and for many DECADES, as the top brand headlamp for whatever your outdoor needs. Cave exploring? Petzl had a headlamp for that. Biking? Petzl has a headlamp for that. Working on an Oil Rig in the middle of the ocean? Petzl has a headlamp for that.

Choose one of the headlamps above based on what you’re using it for most. Headlamps can do a multitude of activities!

If you’re looking for a MUCH cheaper alternative to the Petzl Ultra Rush – check out the ACEBEAM H30 headlamp here.