12 Best Headlamp Features Comparison Chart

We’ve compiled a chart of the TOP 12 HEADLAMPS of 2022 for you to easily compare some of the major features. There is a lot to know about each headlamp – please either click one of the “Check Price” links on the right, or see our “10 BEST HEADLAMPS OF 2022 Guide“.

Headlamp Brand and ModelMax. Lumens BrightnessMax Battery Life at # of Lumens3 Activities Headlamp is Best For?Check Price (click to see)
Petzl Ultra Rush headlamp thumb image.
Petzl Ultra Rush
76038 hours at 65 lmnUltra Running; Biking; CampingCheck
Petzl Nao+ Plus headlamp thumb image.
Petzl Nao+ Plus
75015 hours at 320 lmnAny running; Camping; FishingCheck
Petzl Nao  headlamp thumb image.
Petzl Nao 2 (2015 model)
57512 hours at 40 lmnAny running; Camping; FishingCheck
Petzl Actik Core headlamp thumb image.35015 hours at 30 lmnStreet running; Camping; HikingCheck Price
Petzl Tikka RXP thumb image.
Black Diamond Icon
50040 mins at 500 lumensRunning; Hiking; CampingNot avail.
OLight h25 Wave headlamp thumb image.
OLight H25 Wave
80024 hours at 60 lmnCaving; Hiking; HuntingCheck
OLight h25 Wave headlamp buy link.
Fenix HP25 headlamp thumb image.
OLight HS2
4002.5 hours at 400 lumens constant lightRunning; Camping; FishingNot avail.
Fenix HP25R headlamp thumb image.
Fenix HP25R
1000150 hours at 4 lmnHunting; Camping; HikingCheck
Fenix HP25R headlamp image buy link.
Fenix HL60R headlamp thumb image.
Fenix HL60R
950100 hours at 5 lmnHunting; Camping; FishingCheck
Black Diamond Icon headlamp thumb image.
Black Diamond Icon
500175 hours at 4 lmnCamping; Street Running; FishingCheck Price
Coast HL7 headlamp thumb image.
Coast HL7
28570 hours at 4 lmnCamping; Hiking; FishingCheck
Coast HL7 headlamp image buy link.
Coast FL85 headlamp thumb image.
Coast FL85
54017 hours at 75 lmnCamping; Hiking; Street RunningCheck
Coast FL85 headlamp image buy link.
OLight H2R Nova23001 minute at 2,300 lumens then 100 minutes at 750 lumens.Running; Cycling; SkiingCheck Price
Energizer Hard Case Headlamp thumbnailEnergizer Hard Case Rugged3253+ hours at 325 lumensCamping; Fishing; RunningCheck Price
Petzl DUO S11005 seconds at 1100 lumens then 3.5 hours at 700 lumensRunning; Cycling; SkiingNot avail.
Petzl MYO370 hours at 170 lumens constant lightingRunning; Camping; Fishing