OLight Headlamp Comparison H35W Vs. H37W

I’ve used some OLight headlamps over the years, and while I generally have good things to say, there are some annoying features of the brand that I don’t understand.

My buddy Vince from the Netherlands explains a crucial difference between his two OLight headlamps – the H35W and the H37W models. The problem occurs because the H37W dims the light far too much when it gets warm. Vince tests these headlamp units in 6°C! Not exactly a warm environment. If he was here in Thailand in 35-40°C, there would be a serious issue. Would it even turn on at all? lol. I’m sure it would, but you can see that this H37W may not be the right headlamp for you.

OLight H35w and H37w Compared (Video)

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