Petzl DUO S vs Petzl SWIFT RL

Front of the new 2020 Petzl Swift RL headlamp.

Comparison Chart of 2 Top Petzl Headlamps of 2020 Two of our favorite headlamps go head-to-head in this comparison designed to help you decide which factors are the most important to help you decide on the right headlamp for your activities. The Petzl DUO S is a workhorse and the standard for on-site construction work. … Read more

Expensive Headlamps, Why Pay More? Because this!

Expensive headlamps - Why buy?

[Page updated: 1 June 2022] Good Headlamps are Expensive Headlamps – Here’s Why I know. I get it. Some of the headlamps on are priced higher than you thought a light on your head could ever be priced. It was the same for me when I started researching headlamps in 2009. Back then, the … Read more

NiteCore HC65 Headlamp Review (1,000 Lumens)

NiteCore HC65, battery, strap, and end caps from retail box.

We have never reviewed a NITECORE headlamp before, but we’ve borrowed friends’ headlamps and used them in the rainforest over the past couple of years and been quite happy with them. This unit, the HC65, was sent to us direct from the company in Hong Kong a couple of months ago. We’d be more excited, … Read more

LedLenser Headlamps | 3 Quick Reviews

New 2019 Ledlenser headlamp - XEO 19R with 2000 lumens of maximum brightness.

I was keen to add some new headlamp reviews to for 2020! I was really excited about one brand – LedLenser – because I’ve heard good things from others who insist the brand is a quality headlamp that should be reviewed here. I went to the LedLenser website and compared their top models, the … Read more

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Headlamp Reviews 2022 Black Diamond, Petzl, Fenix, OLight

Best Headlamps 2019 Guide to help people choose the best headlamp after thorough research.

Headlamp Reviews – Top Headlamps ACEBEAM H30 – Our new favorite headlamp. Really. Checks ALL the boxes. BioLite 750 – Up and coming headlamp company from New York. Our first review of their headlamps. Black Diamond Icon – 500 lumens (for 20 mins.) Good feature-set. Energizer Hard Case – 325 lumens. Hard case. We bought … Read more

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Best Headlamp Company? Which 1 Outshines the Others?

We talk about some of the best headlamp companies.

[Page updated: 1June 2022] Petzl is the best headlamp company out of dozens researched. Our opinion is based on the thousands of professional runners using Petzl headlamps around the world, as well as real-world use in a number of situations like camping, hiking, trail running, fishing, hunting, caving, and even reading a book in your … Read more

Best Headlamp for Entomologists? (4 Essentials)

Atlas Moth found in Southern Thailand using our Petzl Ultra Rush headlamp - the ultimate headlamp for entymologists.

Assuming you’re an entomologist and assuming you look for insects at night and need an amazing headlamp to do so, I think I have the best headlamp suggestion for you. It’s the same one I use for looking for snakes and other reptiles. What Qualities are Important in a Headlamp for Entomologists? I’m not an … Read more

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Petzl DUO S Vs. Nao+ Plus Headlamp

Instructions for Petzl+ Plus headlamp app MyPetzl Light App.

Comparison Chart of Two of Petzl’s Best Headlamps Here is a comparison between the two best headlamps Petzl makes – the DUO S, and the NAO+ PLUS. These two headlamps are among the best in the world for their use-case – activities. In fact, these Petzl headlamps were chosen above the competition in many categories. … Read more

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Petzl NAO+ Plus Vs Petzl ULTRA RUSH Headlamp Video

Petzl Ultra Rush Vs. Nao+ Plus Headlamp

We’ve had both the Petzl NAO+ and the Petzl ULTRA RUSH Rush headlamps for a couple of months now, and we wanted to tell you which is better. Actually, they are quite different headlamps, so they are each great at what they do. Watch the video below to see the comparison between these two Top-End … Read more

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Best Headlamps for Various Use-Case Scenarios

Best Headlamps 2019 Guide to help people choose the best headlamp after thorough research.

Here is a list of our 4-Best Tables where you can see comparisons of our 4 Best Headlamps in various categories. Choose One Below. 4 Best of the Best Headlamps 4 Top Running Headlamps 4 Incredible Lightweight Headlamps (Petzl ACTIK CORE, Petzl NAO+, Olight H2R, Olight HS2) 4 Brightest Headlamps (Olight H2R, Petzl ULTRA RUSH, … Read more

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