Headlamp Uses, Pros & Cons (Why You Need One!)

Best Headlamps 2020 Guide to help people choose the best headlamp after thorough research.
Headlamps come in all shapes and sizes for 2022. Read below to figure out the what and why behind your headlamp needs. We have 15 Top Headlamps available to buy here now.

Headlamp use has skyrocketed over the last decade. In 2022, headlamps are selling fast and furious because people are finding so many uses for them.


We’re talking about LED lights you wear on your head, not the headlights in the front of your automobile. Headlamps in 2022 are very strong LED lights wrapped in plastic or metal and supported on your head by a strap that goes around your head, and one that goes overtop. Weight and size are somewhat varied, and there are MANY different uses for headlamps which you can see below.

Here are 3 Headlamps we have and Recommend:

2019 Olight H2R Nova headlamp and strap. Best headlamp of 2019 for most people.
The OLIGHT H2R – our #1 headlamp rating in 2020 – you cannot go wrong with this one. It has the added feature of instantly transitioning to a hand-held flashlight by releasing it from the rubber brace. This is a game-changing headlamp that everyone should own. Get yours now by CLICKING the IMAGE ABOVE.
2018 Petzl Actik Core headlamps in red and black styles.
This Petzl ACTIK CORE headlamp in orange or black is our BEST BUDGET HEADLAMP. Ideal for kids and light use around the house or camping, fishing, etc. Some ultra-runners use these because they are exceptionally bright and lightweight. CLICK IMAGE to see and order.
Instructions for Petzl+ Plus headlamp app MyPetzl Light App.
Petzl NAO+ PLUS headlamp. Ideal for long-distance running, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, working on car, cave exploring and a thousand other things. Auto-dimming saves batteries. Programmable with the mobile app! CLICK IMAGE to See and Order.

More great headlamps we recommend:

HEADLAMP USES | Many, and Varied!

  • Emergency Backup Lighting – for electricity power outages headlamps are ideal.
  • Running, Cycling, Skiing, Caving, Hunting, Fishing – lightweight headlamps have great utility for sports and the outdoors.
  • Automobile Repair – whether fixing your Ford or Porsche, you’ll need a reliable headlamp in your garage for hard to see areas.
  • Camping – remote places have no electricity, durable headlamps are life-savers.
  • Boating – if you lose your power, you’re going to need a strong headlamp for every crew member.
  • Automobile Emergency – everyone should have a couple of headlamps in their trunk.
  • Oil Rig Work and other Explosive Environments – specially built headlamps by Petzl are certified as safe in explosive environments.



  • HIGH OUTPUT LIGHT SOURCE available anywhere. Inefficient tungsten lights are GONE. LED is far superior, and the best headlamps have them.
  • HIGH TECH! Massive changes to the headlamps of yesterday mean better reliability, better waterproofing, even mobile app controllable.
  • VARIETY OF PRICES to meet All Budgets ($30 to $500)
  • RELIABILITY – you can count on your headlamp to last for years.
  • MORE USES THAN FLASHLIGHTS – take a headlamp off your head anytime and hold it, or wrap the strap around your arm or neck to provide light anytime. Can’t do that with a flashlight!


  • NO ONE LIGHT DOES IT ALL. It just isn’t in headlamp manufacturers’ best interests to create one headlamp that literally does it all. They’d only be selling one headlamp! So, specialization of each headlamp toward a specific set of use-cases means consumers (you) have to choose the RIGHT ONE for what you need it for. We make it easy for you.