3 Best Headlamps for Hunting

ACEBEAM H30 headlamp on forehead to show scale/size.

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania and getting my hunter’s license at the earliest possible age, I took part in many different hunting excursions with friends and relatives in the Allegheny and other forests. We didn’t even have headlamps back then, I’m talking the late 1970’s and 80s here people! My uncle Jim had a huge … Read more

What Are the Best Headlamps for Cars? (Emergency Vehicle Use)

Petzl SWIFT RL PRO headlamp is great for emergency vehicle and accident use. Keep one in your car.

Safety on the road in your car, truck, or SUV requires that you have an exceptional headlamp in your vehicle at all times. Probably more than one headlamp if you have a family. The reason for this is the potential for being hit by another car as your car breaks down on the side of … Read more

7 Best Headlamps for Kids (plus Dinosaur Bonus!)

Kids need headlamps to explore their surroundings, whether that means the backyard or the forest at night while family camping. We suggest 7 very good headlamps for children that won’t disappoint you. Oh, and the Dinosaur headlamp? Uh, you’re on your own there. Your child will love you for it, but we’re not telling you … Read more

What Makes a Good Quality Headlamp?

Petzl IKO CORE headlamp on a caving helmet is an example of a good headlamp with great build quality and other features.

A good quality headlamp consists of Build Quality, Comfort, Brightness, Water Resistance Rating, Drop-proof Rating, and Ease of Use all combined to make a good headlamp to use for the activity you choose. We review these areas below! There are really just two brands of headlamp manufacturer that we like the most after reviewing many … Read more