Christmas Headlamp Sales – November and December

Christmas headlamps available for purchase.
Christmas Headlamps!

Each year, premium headlamp sellers – I’m talking companies, not people selling cheap Chinese junk ripoff headlamps – mark down their headlamps on Amazon to reasonable prices! You’ll have to go check to see what’s on sale. Here is our BEST HEADLAMPS OF 2020 guide >

Don’t Miss the Christmas Sales this Year!

Which headlamp brand should you be looking for this Christmas?

Kilian Jornet and Jason Schlarb winning the Hardrock 100 race together, both using Petzl headlamps.

In order, with the BEST HEADLAMPS Companies first, these are the best headlamp companies.

  1. PETZL HEADLAMPS. There’s nothing like them for reliability, durability, quality, and color of the light beam, shape of the light beam, and fast charging. You can’t have a headlamp go out on you – you need to spend a little money this Christmas to get the right one. If you’re buying a gift – you can’t possibly be sending a loved one something other than Petzl. Ask yourself why top athletes in the WORLD use Petzl. All of the above are factors in their decision. They can get sponsored by any headlamp company. They choose Petzl every time.
  2. ACEBEAM. A new entry in our blog, and as it turns out, their H30 headlamp is my all-time favorite headlamp. The features are extensive, it’s very tough, it’s very bright (4,000 lumens), it’s completely waterproof, and it is durable and has a great beam shape and color. Highly recommended. This is our best headlamp for 2022.
  3. OLIGHT. A Chinese company with an office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA – these headlamps are the best China has to offer, and though we like Petzl much more, this is not a bad light by any standard. A friend brought this headlamp with him from the Netherlands, and I tried it for a couple of nights. Nice light. The light is white, the beam is a nice shape, and the brightness is off-the-charts. The headlamps look durable and they have some interesting features like being able to charge your phone from your headlamp battery. Cool right? Practical. They also have a feature where you wave your hand in front of the beam to crank down the intensity when you don’t want to blind someone you’re talking to. Cool, right? O-Light is All Right.
  4. COAST. We don’t know too much about these headlamps, but they get good ratings, and we include the company on our list over the next two companies because they offer a mid-range priced headlamp group with good features.
  5. FENIX. Another Chinese company, with no office elsewhere, we have a couple of Fenix head lamps, and have tested a couple more. They have stood the test of time – durability is high. Reliability? High. The color of light? Warm. The shape of beams? Not perfect for many uses, but for hunting or reading in camp, works nicely.
  6. BLACK DIAMOND. In 2017 this headlamp company may be coming back, they are offering some newly designed headlamps that have good features and brightness… even long-lasting battery. Price is mid-range. Location – USA. In particular, their ICON headlamp makes a great gift.