4 Best Headlamps Comparison Chart

Comparison of the Best 4 Headlamps Available in 2022

We love Petzl. You’ve probably figured that out. Out of all the headlamps we’ve owned and tested over the years, Petzl headlamps tested best and lasted longest. We still have lamps from six year ago that are working great. They’re outdated, sure, but they’re working great! We created the comparison chart below to help you see the differences between the top headlamps of 2022-23. Almost surely the “PETZL SWIFT RL PRO” is the right headlamp for you. It’s great for runners, camping, hiking, and even fast sports like mountain biking and skiing. It is super lightweight and the price is right. Check it out now, or review the other headlamps below.

Which Headlamp is Right for YOU?

450 lumens max900 lumens max750 lumens max1100 lumens max
Warranty 3 yrs. Battery 1 yr.Warranty 3 yrs. Battery 1 yr.Warranty 3 yrs. Battery 1 yr.Warranty 3 yrs. Battery 1 yr.
115 g.123 g.185 g.370 g.
2 CREE Bulbs3 CREE Bulbs2 CREE Bulbs3 CREE Bulbs
110 meters max range150 meters max range140 meters max range200 meters max range
1800 mAh Battery2350 mAh Battery2600 mAh Battery3200 mAh Battery
4.5 hour recharge6 hour recharge6 hour recharge4 hour recharge
USB chargingUSB chargingUSB chargingA/C Quick Charge
IPX4 Water resistanceIPX4 Water resistanceIPX4 Water resistanceIPX67 Water resistance
No BluetoothNo BluetoothBluetooth (mobile app)No Bluetooth
More infoMore infoMore infoMore info
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Choose the right headlamp from the top 4 headlamps of 2021.