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Petzl Nao+ (Plus) Headlamp is Bluetooth enabled and custom programmable using iPhone or other smartphone.
One of our top-rated headlamps, it is consistently on top of the most important rating categories and criteria. You cannot go wrong with this light, get yourself one if this review shows you that it will work for your activities. We have a couple of them, and we have been very satisfied.

[Page updated: 1 October 2017]

The Best Headlamps You Can Buy Are:

  • SAFE – they won’t start a fire in your house or vehicle. You shouldn’t get ELECTRIC SHOCKS.
  • TOUGH – dropping your headlamp out of your hand onto hard dirt shouldn’t break your headlamp.
  • WATERPROOF – your headlamp should at least be able to handle the heaviest monsoon rains.
  • More EXPENSIVE than you were planning on. You need quality, your life may depend on it.
  • BRIGHT! – But, there are headlamps that are too bright and that wash out all details if used in close proximity. The Olight X7r is a prime example. They have nothing within a usable lumen range for me (700-900). They go from 500 lm to 1200, 3000, 7000, and 12,000 lumens. None work for my needs.

We created this website to bring you the top headlamps for 2017 and beyond. We review all gear in person and under a variety of conditions, so we can help you the consumer, choose the right product with a minimum of errors. Choosing the right headlamp is important for many reasons – not excluding SAFETY! You don’t want the wrong headlamp when you’re in a place where you’re relying on a steady, bright light, to keep you on the trail. You don’t want a Chinese rip-off light that starts a fire in your house.

If you want to buy a headlamp today – see our Best Headlamps of 2017 review and recommendations.

If there is a quality headlamp you don’t see reviewed here, that you were thinking about purchasing – please let us know.

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