3 Best Headlamps for Hunting

ACEBEAM H30 headlamp on forehead to show scale/size.

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania and getting my hunter’s license at the earliest possible age, I took part in many different hunting excursions with friends and relatives in the Allegheny and other forests. We didn’t even have headlamps back then, I’m talking the late 1970’s and 80s here people! My uncle Jim had a huge … Read more

Energizer Hard Case 325 Lumens (Review)

Energizer Hard Case 325 lumen Rugged Headlamp

[Page updated: 1 June 2022] I ordered 8 new headlamps to review, and this Energizer Hard Case headlamp was the first one to arrive. This was the one I was looking forward to the least. Half of these Energizer headlamps are still using tungsten bulbs! Really. Energizer flashlights are in our Target and Walmart stores, … Read more

Headlamp Battery Replacements – Best Recommendations

Petzl Nao+ Plus and Nao 3 rechargeable 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery.

[Page updated: 1 June 2022] Eventually, headlamp batteries wear out and won’t hold a full charge anymore. With recent 2020-2022 headlamps, a decent headlamp battery should last a year or 300 recharge cycles – whichever is longer. Personally, I just can’t stop recommending the Petzl brand headlamps, I believe there is nothing better on the … Read more

Best Caving Headlamp in 2022? Petzl TRIOS

Petzl Ultra Vario Caving Headlamp and helmet.

[Page Updated: 1 June 2022] Petzl headlamp company has been developing cutting-edge headlamps and caving helmets for decades. You’ll probably want to go with the set up below. It features a Petzl Helmet (Petzl Helmet) and ULTRA VARIO three CREE LED bulb caving headlamp. The beam is ultra-wide – giving the best possible light disbursement for … Read more

OLIGHT HS2 Headlamp Review 400 Lumens (2022)

OLight HS2 headlamp and battery pack, new for 2018.

[Page updated: 4 June 2022] I was anxious to get to this OLIGHT HS2 headlamp review for the last couple of days. It’s quite a nice looking headlamp and my friend has the H35 Wave I think it is, and he loves it – so I really wanted to do this review. FINALLY, I CAN. … Read more

Petzl NAO Headlamp (Full Review)

Petzl Nao 2 headlamp with 575 lumens and Reactive Lighting Technology. This headlamp is for any activity.

[Page updated: 1 June 2022] We’ve used this Petzl NAO headlamp the longest of any we have, for over 2.5 years, and we love it. That said, there are still just a couple things we’d love to have fixed. The price for this Nao in January 2018 is very close to the newest iteration – … Read more

Petzl DUO S vs DUO Z1 vs DUO Z2 Headlamps

Petzl DUO S selector knob for choosing one of the headlamp lighting profiles.

Petzl’s DUO line of headlamps includes some of their latest technology including the ability to auto-dim the beams when people wearing a DUO face each other. Ideal for work! These are rugged headlamps with high shock and water resistance ratings, ideal for nasty environments. The Petzl DUO Z1 has an Explosive Environment Certification for safety … Read more

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Petzl ACTIK vs TIKKA Headlamps

Petzl ACTIK headlamp in green.

Comparison: Petzl TIKKA vs. Petzl ACTIK CORE Headlamp Petzl’s TIKKA headlamp is a step down from the ACTIK, and the ACTIK is a step-down from the ACTIK CORE. The TIKKA headlamp has 300 lumens and only comes with AAA batteries. You can buy the CORE lithium-ion rechargeable battery as an accessory – this is the … Read more

Petzl ACTIK vs ACTIK CORE Headlamps

Blue Petzl ACTIK CORE headlamp perfect for runners and camping.

Comparison: Petzl ACTIK CORE vs. Petzl ACTIK Headlamp Here are two very lightweight headlamps with decent power, the ACTIK has 350 lumens brightness for 2 hours strong, and the ACTIK CORE has 450 lumens for 2 hours strong. The ACTIK comes with 3 AAA batteries. You can also buy the lithium-ion CORE battery for the … Read more